Software FERPRO

The FERPRO software has been developed specifically for the implementation and maintenance of an integrated LDAR monitoring plan in compliance with current legislative and technical provisions.

LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) is a plan aimed at the identification, estimation and reduction of fugitive emissions.

In addition to the traditional support for P&I, PFD and field labeling, FERPRO uses photographic cataloging, which is a natural evolution of barcode tagging, and is designed to store the information characterizing each single point present in the plant.

The most significant fields are: component type (flange, valve, pump), identifier in use by the Client (e.g. “pump P-301A”), indexed digital frame, size, P&I of reference, emission detected in ppm, stream, phase (gas, liquid), state (not monitorable, isolated, under maintenance, removed), history of detections, history of interventions made, communication log.

The reduction of fugitive emissions therefore passes through the cataloging and identification of potential sources in accordance with EN 15446:2008 up to the identification and analytical monitoring by means of high-sensitivity instrumentation.

To meet certain requirements of the controlling bodies regarding the traceability of operations, FERPRO also integrates a maintenance intervention management module and the formal correspondence between the functions responsible for the control of the progress of maintenance interventions.

The integrated analysis module allows the user to independently query the database, using the latest computer technologies. The most frequent queries and prints (out of range, leakers) are already available from the menu without the need for any additional operation.

The data import and export menus allow for the maximum aggregation and disaggregation of the stored matrix, without the need for any computer knowledge.

The output file can be saved in different formats, such as Excel XLS and PDF.

FERP has developed the FERPRO family of software in accordance with the requirements of the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) and the related verification program.

FERPRO is available in different versions:

These FERPRO versions are based on different technologies and platforms, but the functions are essentially the same.

Through its software, FERP wants to meet the needs of Clients who need a tailor-made tool that is easy to learn and contains “one click” automations to save time and money, with the same result.

Detailed information on system requirements, the supporting IT architecture and application references are available.